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   About Us

The author of this site is someone who is interested in all aspects of the GPO, and has preserved examples of UAX12 (Unit Automatic telephone eXchange number 12) at home. He also drives Morris Minors, so what better way to combine two hobbies than to get a GPO Telephones Engineers Morris Minor Van?

The Authors Engineers van U234525 is at present undergoing a serious rebuild, it having suffered quite badly at the hands of the tin-worm. He has been assembling the correct parts for it for some 11 years, and it will hopefully appear back in service in the not to distant future. The intention is to have her waring full GPO livery, which is why the Author can offer the transfer, as he sourced all the original transfers to put on the van. But being original they seemed to good to put on a van that would be used day in day out, so along came the reproductions, at a price which you can letter your van and not worry about them.            

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